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Executive Committee

Dre Slaman          President & Valentine Fund Chair
Beth Lewis        Vice President 
Dan Murphy          Treasurer    
Leah Yorkston-Seligman Secretary


Leah Yorkston-Seligman    Managing Director

Members At Large

Brianna Barrett
Leslie Gale Valentine Fund Chair
David Hastings
Jessie Hirschhorn
Natalie McClure Workshop Chair
Jen Tate Outreach Chair
Lolly Ward

Resource Committee

Our Resource Committee is comprised of members of the theatre community who generously offer their counsel and expert opinions to the PATA Board when asked.

Cynthia Furhman
*Lauren Bloom Hanover
*Sarah Jane Hardy
*Bruce Hostetler
*Sam Hull
*Michelle Kopper Seymour
*Mikki Lipsey
*Michael Mendelson
Dustin Milberg
*Jan Powell
Karen Rathje
*Jen Raynak
George Thorn
*Amanda Mehl

*Former PATA Board members

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