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Equity Auditions

Many PATA members are also members of the Actors Equity Association, or AEA, the labor union responsible for representing live theatrical performance.

In 2018, PATA has the following opportunities for Equity actors:

  1. Attend Unified Shakespeare Auditions during Equity hours - Date TBA
  2. Attend PATA Generals on Equity day - Monday, April 16th. Registration opens in March 2018.

We do require AEA members to join PATA in order to attend auditions, as membership dues are what allow us to provide programs for the theatre community at large, including AEA Auditions.

Joining PATA is a simple process, and guarantees that we can provide you with resources and information whenever we have them available.


  1. You will have 3 minutes total to audition with 1 or 2 monologues, or a song and a monologue.
  2. You MUST present your Equity card when you sign in, or you will be unable to audition.


Are you interested in being an auditor at Equity Auditions at Unified Shakespeare or General Auditions? Please contact Leah Yorkston-Seligman at info@portlandtheatre.com

PATA's 2018 Equity Audition Monday, April 16th, 2017

Online registration will open in March 2018 @ 10am.  There a several Equity slots still available for full Equity members. Please contact us at info@portlandtheatre.com to learn more.

The following companies audited last year, in 2017

Artists Repertory Theatre
  • Bag&Baggage
  • Broadway Rose Theatre Company
  • COHO Productions
  • David Hastings Studios
  • Echo Theatre Company
  • Flick Short Films
  • JANE
  • Josh Young (Film Director) 
  • Lakewood Theatre Company
  • MAM Talent Agency
  • Milagro
  • Missoula Children’s Theatre
  • Nancy McDonald
  • Portland Actors Ensemble
  • Portland Playhouse
  • The Pulp Stage
  • Ryan Artists
  • Sandy Actors Theatre
  • Simon Max Hill Casting
  • Sowelu Dramatic
  • Theatre Vertigo
  • Third Rail
  • The Vanport Mosaic
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