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What is PATA Switchboard?

We have partnered with a company called Switchboard to connect Portland theatre artists and simplify online communication in the Portland theatre community.  On our PATA Switchboard site, you can ASK for what you need, or OFFER what you have to other members of the theatre community...kind of like Craigslist for artists!

How does it work?

This virtual bulletin board will provide the Portland theatre community with a simple and centralized way to communicate...theatres can post auditions, individuals can ask for photographer suggestions, businesses can offer discounts to the community, the possibilities are endless...

These are the categories you can start posting in:

  • Auditions
  • Performances / Events
  • Job / Volunteer Opportunities
  • Classes / Workshops
  • Available Spaces
  • Other

How to I get started?

As a PATA member, you can visit the site whenever you want.  Just visit PATA SWITCHBOARD.

Once you have signed up, you can set your account to notify you by email daily, weekly or monthly about posts that might interest you. And don't worry, the PATA Board will be monitoring posts to ensure polite and helpful communication. 

Try it out...If you use it, and you like it, you can help us make it a permanent part of the Portland theatre community.

If you have any questions, please try the Help Center or feel free to contact Jen Tate at info@portlandtheatre.com.

**And here are a few helpful hints for posting:

  1. If your post is time/date sensitive, include that info in the TITLE at the top
  2. Tag your posts with any keywords that might help others find your information.
  3. Make sure Switchboard emails aren't accidentally going into your junk mail if you have set your Alerts to notify you every time someone responds to your post.

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