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Actor Registration for Unified Shakespeare Auditions Online - Everything Due January 20, 2022

  • 20 Jan 2022
  • 11:59 PM
  • Online


Registration is closed


  • Individual-level membership in good standing in either Portland Area Theatre Alliance or Theatre Puget Sound at the time of registration and on the registration close date: January 20, 2022. PATA's Unified Shakespeare Auditions are only open to candidates age 18 years or older.

Video Specifications:

PATA recommends that candidates unfamiliar with PATA's online audition events check out our video audition tips from Summer 2020 as well as our downloadable info session resources.

Overall, your video must be <3 minutes total, all on one link.

  • In the beginning portion, your introduction a.k.a. the "slate," please include your name and pronouns. For each piece, name the character and the show title. If the author is not William Shakespeare, name the author.
  • The performance portion after the slate must be 2 minutes or less total
    • Your 2 minutes start with the first word of your monologue after your introductory slate
    • At least one piece must be in verse, and we recommend that at least one piece be from a Shakespeare play. 
    • Transitions between pieces are considered part of your 2 minutes.

Do not bring props, costumes, or instruments. Consider your audition a job interview, so dress accordingly.

You may use the platform of your choice for posting your video, and the option to submit passwords for password-protected videos is available. However, most auditors find YouTube videos set to Unlisted easiest to use. An Unlisted privacy setting means that anybody who has the video link can watch the video without submitting a password, but YouTube will not go out of their way to show the video to the general public.

In addition to saying your introductory slate in the video, if your video platform allows you to include a description of your video, please put the information from your slate in the description blank.

Do not change your audition video link and password between January 20, 2022, and January 31, 2022, while the Office Manager is preparing the spreadsheet for distribution to auditors. Afterwards, we recommend you keep your video posted at its original location and keep the password the same for at least one year, so that video links in the spreadsheet will continue to function until next year's Unified Shakespeare Auditions.

Instructions for PATA Members:

Register for your entry in the Unified Shakespeare Auditions using the online registration form on this page. All membership renewals, registrations, profile updates, and video links are due by 11:59 PM PST on January 20, 2022.

To keep Unified Shakespeare Auditions free of charge for actors, there will not be a binder for Unifieds. Auditors will receive all their information about you in a spreadsheet with your contact information, profile stats, and links to your online PATA profile.

Make sure your profile is up to date with all the information you'd like to give them. 

To submit your video, paste its URL into your online PATA profile in the blank labeled "Link to Shakespearean/Classical Audition Video." 

Please, note that some auditors pay a guest auditor fee instead of becoming members. In web page format online, they can only see parts of your profile that are set to public. To adjust your profile privacy settings, log into your PATA account, click your name in the upper right hand corner, click Edit Profile, click Privacy, adjust your privacy settings, and click Save.

Instructions for Theatre Puget Sound Members:

Everything is due by 11:59 PM PST on January 20, 2022, via email to the Office Manager (info@portlandtheatre.com):

  • Proof of membership and your request for an audition appointment.
  • Your .jpg headshot
  • Your one-page .pdf resume
  • The URL of your audition video.

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