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General Auditions

Once a year, PATA organizes general auditions for performers in the Portland and surrounding areas. 

These auditions are open to all PATA members, allowing them to be seen by more than 60 production companies who audit the auditions over the course of several days. These companies attended our 2017 auditions.  Callbacks are at the discretion of each attending production company.

ALL QUALIFYING WORKSHOPS for PATA CITY-WIDE GENERALS have concluded. If you did not take an Informational Workshop (info below) then you are not eligible to participate in the PATA's.


Registration is first come first serve and audition slots do FILL UP FAST! However, if you are unable to secure a spot, please add your name to the Waitlist.

For questions regarding eligibility and registration, please see our Audition FAQs.

For questions about how to prepare your audition, see PATA's 2017 General Auditions Information Sheet.

PATA Company members interested in AUDITING, or non-members interested in the $50 visitor fee to audit should contact info@portlandtheatre.com.

Important General Audition Information


In order to attend PATA Generals, we ask all PATA members who have never attended an ACTING audition at PATA Generals to attend one of our FREE Informational Workshops to ensure you are properly prepared. 


If you have not yet done so this year, please e-mail your Headshot and Resume to info@portlandtheatre.com BEFORE you register for auditions. Please see THIS TEMPLATE, as an example of what our participating theatre companies like to see. 


When you register for PATA Generals, each of you will be able to sign up for a single 2-minute audition slot on one of the 3 audition days. Each performer will have the choice to act, or to act and sing in one audition slot. Performers may also choose to sing 2 songs during our Acting/Singing combo slots.

You may fill your 2 minutes* with one of the following:

  • 1 or 2 monologues 
  • 1 song and 1 monologue
  • 2 songs

*Equity members receive 3 minutes


Members have the choice to perform an acting audition, OR a song and then a monologue OR 2 songs. If you choose a song and a monologue, we strongly suggest you sing first so you are not cut off during your song, should you exceed your time, which will be called at 2 minutes. Equity members have a total of 3 minutes for their audition. These times do not include your introductions.

We strongly recommend presenting two contrasting pieces. A chair will be provided.


An accompanist will be provided. Please bring sheet music in the appropriate key, with your start and stop points clearly marked. We suggest that you set your music in a three ring binder for the accompanist. 

The following rules must be followed:

  • You may not accompany yourself. 
  • You may not sing acapella. 
  • No recorded music is allowed.
  • We do not usually have opera companies attending, so we suggest you stick to the musical theatre library.


We've set aside special times for PATA members 17 years of age and under to ensure you have the best experience possible.  We want to make very sure that companies looking for younger members are present for your auditions.  

Audition slots will be held for younger members during specific times. Please see the 2017 General Auditions Schedule for details.


Due to the popular demand for acting and signing audition slots, PATA will not be offering dance or actors who move auditions in 2018. However, please learn more about the Citywide Dance Auditions PATA now co-hosts with DanceWire.     


AEA members ARE required to be PATA members to attend the PATA Generals. This year we are also delighted to be offering Equity Auditions on Monday, April 16th in the evening. You must bring your Equity card with you to all auditions, or you will not be seen. All slots not taken by Equity actors will be offered to non-Equity.

PATA's 2018
General Auditions

will be held on

April 13th, 14th & 16th


    Artists Repertory Theatre

For more than 25 years, PATA has produced General Auditions for the Portland theatre community. 

We've gathered together many Audition Tips and Resources to assist our members.

In 2017, PATA co-produced the Unified Shakespeare Auditions for our members.

Local audition opportunities can be found on our PATA Switchboard. Sign up to receive updates as often as you'd like.

Learn more about a variety of audition preparation Workshops to help keep you in training.

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