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2018 General Auditions Schedule

Audition slots are open to qualified PATA members only, with exceptions for Equity and TPS members. 


Friday 4/13/18
10am-1pm           Acting only auditions
1:30-5:30pm        Acting and/or Singing auditions

Saturday 4/14/18
10am-1pm            Acting and/or Singing auditions - Minors (17 & under)
1:30-5:30pm         Acting and/or Singing auditions 

Monday 4/16/18          
*Equity Day* - Specific time slots in the evening for AEA members.

10am-1pm           Acting only auditions
1:30-5:30pm        Acting and/or Singing auditions
6:30pm-9pm        AEA Only - Acting and/or Singing auditions


Registration for actors and auditors is now closed.  

A few reminders:
1. You MUST be a current & paid up PATA Member to register as an ACTOR.
2. You MUST hold a QUALIFIED status after attending an Informational Workshop to register as an ACTOR.
*Informational Workshops are REQUIRED for those who have not auditioned for PATA Generals in the last 10 years (or ever).
3. You MUST be a PATA member company or attached to one OR pay a $50 guest fee to register as an AUDITOR.

ACTOR INFORMATION - both Adults & Minors:

**Slots FILL UP FAST!!
1. On Saturday, March 3, you will receive an email with the link to the Current Events page on our website, listing BOTH the Adult & Minor (17 & Under) Audition Events. You will click on the appropriate event link and then log in with your PATA credentials (email & password) in order to see the audition details and proceed with registration.
2. Click the RED Register button, pick your desired date & time slot (there are 10 slots available per half hour), fill out the registration form and pay your fee (either through PayPal or by creating an invoice & mailing a check to PATA).
3. You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions and due dates for materials you will need to send via email. All actor materials with be DUE MARCH 19th.
**Please follow these email instructions properly. We deal with hundreds of actors and people not naming or saving materials the way we need creates more work. Thank you for your cooperation and attention to detail in advance :)

AUDITOR INFORMATION - both Company Members & Guest Auditors:
1. On Sunday 3/5, you will receive an email with the direct link to the Auditor event.
2. Click the RED Register button and choose your category (either Member or Guest). Fill out the registration form questions and confirm your details.
3. Each person who wishes to audit Generals MUST complete the online registration. This ensures we have a proper headcount for food & materials. Even if there are 5 people from the same company, all 5 people must register.
4. PLEASE NOTE: Because we are having multiple people register from the same PATA member company, have your main point person register with the email attached to the company and then any subsequent people can use their own (different) email address. There are no email restrictions on this event like in the past so we can have multiple people from the same company be able to register, even though they may not have a profile. You WILL NOT need your password this time around. If this is unclear in any way or you have questions, please let us know.
5. You receive a confirmation email with your details and information about the auditions themselves.

PATA's 2018
General Auditions

will be held on

April 13th, 14th & 16th


   Artists Repertory Theatre

*Registration OPENS IN MARCH 2018.

You MUST be a PATA member to register for Generals + have your PATA profile login credentials ON HAND to register.

**If you are unsure about your PATA profile credentials or your membership status, please email info@portlandtheatre.com.

For more than 25 years, PATA has produced General Auditions for the Portland theatre community. 

We've gathered together many Audition Tips and Resources to assist our members.

In 2017, PATA produced the Unified Shakespeare Auditions for our members.

Local audition opportunities can be found on our PATA Switchboard. Sign up to receive updates as often as you'd like.

Learn more about a variety of audition preparation Workshops to help keep you in training.

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