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2022  Fertile Ground FAQ

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1. Festival Overview

2. What are the Participation Qualifications?

3. Is the 2022 Festival Curated?

4. My Project Has Been Accepted, What Next?

5. Will there be Festival Passes this Year?

6. What are the GROW Awards?

7. Can I have more information about the virtual format?

8. How does the Participant/ Fertile Ground Partnership work?

9. What is Expected of me as a Participant?

10. Can I hire AEA Actors in my Fertile Ground Piece?

11. Who are the Fertile Ground Contacts?

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Application Deadline 10/15/21 at 5pm. 

LATE Submissions will not be accepted. 

1. Festival Overview

The Fertile Ground Festival will be held January 27 -February 6, 2022.

In it's 13th year as a city-wide festival of new works, Fertile Ground is brought to you by the Portland Area Theatre Alliance, a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to increasing the quality, quantity and professionalism of theatre produced in Portland and the surrounding areas. 

Fertile Ground 2022 will be in a virtual format. The festival will showcase new “acts of creation” submitted by producing organizations and artist-producers. 

Producers who present their work in Fertile Ground 2022 will have the ability to present their show on the platform of their choosing, with or without a paywall, and at the days and times they wish. Fertile Ground will publish and promote the information provided by the producers on the organization’s website and social media, offer ongoing training and support, as well as festival marketing and advertising

2. What are the Participation Qualifications?

The festival offering should be a new work, or a significant reimagining, from a local artist using local actors/creative team on the project.

Each participant is responsible for producing their own event. Fertile Ground acts as an umbrella for publicity, marketing and consulting support.  

3. Is the 2022 Festival Curated?

Fertile Ground 2022 will be an uncurated festival! Though a tradition for many years this is a departure from Fertile Ground 2021. Being uncurated is a feature that is unique to our festival and want to provide a platform for all area artists to share their new work with new audiences.

4. My Project has been accepted, what's next? 

The Fertile Ground team will guide you through the details of these steps, and timelines, after acceptance into the festival. Please reference our HOW IT WORKS page for specifics.

5. Will there be Festival Passes this year?

In lieu of Festival Pass Sales, Fertile Ground will be asking for Festival Pass Donations.  A donation entitles the "Passholder" to receive event reminders, and other exclusive communication.

*After the launch of the festival, all donors and audience members will be directed to YOUR donation link. We will promote donations throughout the run of the festival. 

6. What are the GROW Awards?

We are continuing our work from last year to address equity and access barriers to participation in the festival that exists for underrepresented artists. Fertile Ground, with the GROW Panel adjudicating applications, will select 5 GROW Award recipients to receive $500 to be used in production of their Fertile Ground project.  Click here for more information about the GROW Panel and the GROW Awards. Applicants will register and apply for the award using the same application found below.

The GROW Panel will also review all GROW Award applications and make GROW Panel recommended selections for Fertile Ground 2022 projects, regardless of GROW Award selection, based on that body’s mission to address equity and access to underrepresented artists and communities.

7. Can I have more information on the Virtual Format?

Producers will submit their Project Information -- title/description/image/access dates (within the festival dates)/prices/links -- to Fertile Ground! We will use your content to promote and advertise your project.

Producers will provide Fertile Ground with direct links for how to access their project in January. Producers will be responsible for the technical aspects of “airing” their project on the day/s and time/s that they have chosen, Fertile Ground’s website and social media will host the link. The work can be prerecorded or live-streamed, for experienced live-streamers!

8. How does the Participant / Fertile Ground Partnership work?

Festival participants independently produce their own recorded projects. Fertile Ground is a marketing umbrella, offers ongoing education, and acts as a resource for producers. Fertile Ground is not legally liable in any way for your event. Here are some ways Fertile Ground supports you as a producer: 

     Festival Website

    • Your project is listed on the Festival website
    • You supply the listing, description, photo/image, donation link and link to project website.

    Public Relations  & Marketing

    Media Relations

    • Your project is included in festival press materials distributed to local, regional, national media

    Social Media

    • Your project receives support via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

    Marketing Outreach

    • As opportunities arise, your project is included in special events, community partnerships, etc.

    Workshops and Roundtable resource events

    Fertile Ground offers informational gatherings, workshops and networking opportunities in the months leading up to Fertile Ground. Past events have included a three hour PR & Marketing Bootcamp, a Meet the Press night and a hands-on Box Office Tickets/Passes workshop. We are still in the formulation phase of how these (and other) events will transform in a virtual environment.

    General Support

    Fertile Ground has a volunteer staff to support you, answer your questions and provide a helping hand. If you have a specific inquiry, please refer to the “Contact” section below.

    9. What is Expected of me as a Participant this year?

    Festival Promotion Expectations

    • Promote Festival Pass Donations. This year, donations are how we will be able to produce the festival. Please share all Festival Pass Donation correspondence with your networks!
    • Include the Fertile Ground Festival logo on your marketing materials, digital ads and printed material.
    • Include a descriptive sentence and web url for Fertile Ground in all media releases related to your production. Individual producer media releases are highly encouraged.
    • Include a logo or a description of the festival on your website linking to the Fertile Ground website www.fertilegroundpdx.org.
    • Promote your show in conjunction with Fertile Ground to your mail or e-mail list, social media, etc.

    Communications Expectations

    • Meet or precede all festival and submission deadlines.
    • Provide complete, accurate information in the format requested (the first time).

    10. Can I hire SAG-AFTRA/AEA actors in my Fertile Ground piece?

    Producers who are interested in hiring SAG-AFTRA/AEA members need to sign SAG-AFTRA/AEA members to an appropriate SAG-AFTRA/AEA contract.  They should contact regional representatives: Albert Geana-Bastare, ageanabastare@actorsequity.org (323-978-8080 x 118) or Gwen Meno, gmeno@actorsequity.org (323-978-8080 x110).

    11. Who are the Fertile Ground Contacts?

    • Contact Dre Slaman, Managing Director with any registration questions.
    • Contact Nicole Lane, Festival Director with all other questions.

                       FERTILE GROUND TEAM

    Nicole Lane, Festival Director

    Dre Slaman, Managing Director

    Sara Jean Accuardi, Committee Chair (PATA Board Member)

    Jane Comer, Committee Member (PATA Board Member)

    Wally Zialcita, Committee Member (PATA Board Member)

    Samson Syharath, Grow Panel Chair (PATA Board President)

    Open, Social Media Manager

    Jessica Gleason, Website & Graphic Design

    Gary Corbin, Festival Pass Coordinator/BOT Specialist

    Jenni Green-Miller, Volunteer Coordinator

    Maddie Odegaard, Marketing Assistant

    Lilo Alfaro, Fertile Ground Archivist

    Chris Rentzel, Photographer

    Trisha Mead, Founder

    Committee at large:  Carol Kimball, Nancy Matthews, Karen O'Donnell Stein, Scott Stephens

      Portland Area Theatre Alliance

      (503) 449-6270


      Mailing Address:

      Portland Area Theatre Alliance Mailbox

      Portland Center Stage at The Armory

      128 Northwest 11th Avenue

      Portland, OR 97209

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