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Your Guide to the Annual

PATA City-Wide General Auditions

Every year the Portland theatre community comes together for a weekend full of talent and opportunity! Over 400 actors of all ages perform monologues and musical pieces for actively casting companies, agencies, and individuals across the Portland metro area.

Preparing for General Auditions - Fall 2018

September - January: If you haven't done so in the last 5 years, attend a free PATA Information Session. This is required to register for the City-Wide General Auditions. 

Fall scheduled will be announced soon!

December: Make sure you're reading lots of plays and working your acting muscles. Select your audition pieces by the end of the year.

As you select pieces, you may be interested in browsing the pieces which were perform in previous years' PATA General Auditions: 

Some performers like to choose pieces targeted for specific companies in the area. If that's you, then take a look at who's attended the General Auditions in years past:

Preparing for General Auditions - Winter 2018

Registration for the Portland City-Wide General Auditions typically opens in early March. The final date will be announced in a few months! 

January: New year, new you! Update your resumé, brush up on skills with local workshops and classes, consider updating your headshot.

We offer a number of introductory and intermediate workshops, connecting PATA members with local experts to focus on audition skills. Stay tuned for the 2019 schedule!

February: Calm audition nerves with practice - join us for free at the Unified Shakespeare Auditions. 

What's Required Before You Register for General Auditions:
  • Attend a free PATA Information Session if you have not auditioned at PATA Generals within the last 2 years.
  • Make sure your PATA membership is paid for and up-to-date.
  • As best you can, know the final pieces you will perform on audition day. Be ready to write the character/song name and show title during your registration.
  • Review the 2019 Daily Schedule (COMING SOON!) and know when you're available during the weekend.

After You Register for the 

City-Wide General Auditions

Registration for the annual City-Wide General Auditions typically opens on a Saturday in early March. After you register and secure a spot in the City-Wide General Auditions, then you can submit your audition binder materials. Materials received before registration will be disregarded.

Yes, completing your online PATA profile is essential to submitting your audition binder materials. However, there are a few more steps to guarantee your headshot, resumé, and final presentation are PERFECT!

How to Submit Your General Audition Binder Materials

      1. Register for the General Auditions. Everyone who registers will get a spread in the audition binder - even those of you on the waitlist.
      2. During your registration, you'll be asked to input the monologues and/or songs you'll be performing. This information will be listed with your headshot and resumé, so please do your best to make sure it's accurate. If you decided to perform something else, that is totally fine, however we will not update that information in the binder.
      3. Update your PATA online profile. Throughout the year, PATA may add or change options to the member online profile. We will announce the final deadline closer to the event. Before this date, auditioners should double-triple check that all details on their profile are good to go.
      4. E-mail PATA with the subject line "Binder Materials" and include your headshot and resumé as attachments. This next part is very specific, so let's get into the knitty-gritty... 

Your resumé must follow the below requirements:

          • Is 1-page maximum
          • Follows standard industry formatting - here's an example
          • Is a PDF file type
          • Document name follows this template: "LastName_FirstName.pdf"

Question: If my resumé is already on my online profile, do I need to e-mail it, too? Answer: YES!!
Question: Should my resumé have technical info? Answer: We recommend that it does not

Your headshot must follow the below requirements:

          • Is 2000 pixels wide maximum
          • Is a JPG or JPEG file type
          • Image name follows this template: "LastName_FirstName.jpg"

Question: If my headshot is already on my online profile, do I need to e-mail it, too? Answer: YES!!
Question: Should my headshot be black & white or in color? Answer: Whatever you prefer!

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