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Upcoming Audition Prep 101 Workshops


PATA is offering our members both acting and singing Audition Prep 101 Workshops for the 2018 PATA Generals. 

All workshops will include panels made up of theatre professionals who have attended PATA Generals as auditors, or served as panelists for PATA in the past. These panelists will provide audition coaching specifically intended to strengthen your acting auditions for PATA Generals.

These workshops will allow up to 15 participants to share monologues and songs in an open group setting. Panelists will offer each participant feedback, while the rest of the group and auditors will have the benefit of listening in

The cost to PATA members for participating in an Audition Prep Workshop is $25 for acting only, $30 for acting/singing and $5 to audit but not perform.

REMEMBER: In order to attend PATA Generals, we ask all PATA members who have never attended an ACTING audition at PATA Generals to attend one of our FREE Informational Sessions to ensure you are properly prepared. 

2018 Audition Prep Workshops: (Registration Not Open Yet)

Monday, Feb 5th from 6PM-9PM at Milagro Theatre (Acting and/or Singing)

Monday, March 19th from 6PM-9PM at Oregon's Children Theatre (Acting and/or Singing)

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