Teaching and learning are vital to building and maintaining any theatre community. Read on to learn about the educational programming hosted by PATA and our members in the greater Portland area. Consider becoming a PATA member to start receiving discounted access and appearing on our directories.

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Programming & Objectives

PATA facilitates conversations and events to support a changing industry and reflect a core set of priorities: to orient theatre artists to the community and to develop their knowledge and skills. Attend our existing programming to advance your craft and career—and consider shaping its future by proposing something of your own.

Our offerings include:

Industry talks expose the community to important information about the business and marketing elements of theatre. Past conversations have centered on the business of acting and generating online content.

Performer development workshops are led by professionals who provide guidance for those developing their disciplines in acting, musical theatre, and dance. These include one-off events and recurring, in-depth courses.

Production skills workshops center essential backstage and offstage crafts. Playwrights, designers, directors, dramaturgs and others can hone their skills here.

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Community partners

Our members offer even more ways for you to develop as an artist and professional. Don’t see what you’re looking for?
We want to hear from you! Want to propose a program? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Private Instructors

Many of our members offer individual coaching and consultation services. Search our member directory for the type of instructor you are looking for.

Education Within Our Community

The theatre community comprises groups with diverse missions and objectives, which often meet distinct needs through targeted education and outreach programs.

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

We want to hear from you! The Education Committee of PATA curates our Workshops and Class offerings to serve the local theatre community. Email PATA to let us know what kind of educational offerings you would like to see organized.

Want to propose a program? Fill out the PATA Instructor or Panelist Interest Form and our team will communicate with you about next steps.