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Seeking voice actors for “The Confrontation:2020”

January 31 - February 15

We are looking for 3 voice-actors.

Rocky: A Caucasian male cop. Rocky is a good cop. Rocky’s role has about a 25-minute monologue. There will also be about 2 additional minutes of script when interacting with the other characters. 100% of this role is in syllable rhyme.

Brady: An African American male. Brady is a college kid. Brady’s role has about a 28-minute monologue. it also has around about 4 additional minutes of script when interacting with the other characters. 95% of this role is in syllable rhyme.

Derrick: An African American male. Derrick is a drug dealer with low self-esteem. Speaks Ebonics fluently. Derrick is on the wrong side of the law. Derrick’s role has a 24-minute monologue, with an additional 2-minutes where he interacts with other characters.

This is basically a battle of words and ideas. Think 12 angry men. Everyone gets offended in this project, and that’s ok. Nothing is taboo.

The pay is 350.00. I know it’s not a lot. I’m an artist that’s in debt, and barely making it. Still, I want to make this dream of mine come true.
To make learning the role easier, I can record an audio of the script so that you can listen to it in the background, on the road or during idle time (if you have any).

How to audition: Send an “I’m Interested” email to AhmadPasley2020@yahoo.com. I’ll respond with a short 3–5-minute audio and text file of the role that you are auditioning for. You’ll have a week to send an audio file back of yourself reciting the lines.

Being that this is an audio recording, race doesn’t matter. I don’t care if you are an alien. As long as you can deliver the lines with passion, were good.
Auditions are open until February 21st. We hope to have this projected completed by April 1st

More can be seen at TheConfrontationproject.com.
Thank you for your time.
I look forward to hearing from you.



January 31
February 15
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