Biography Triple-Threat Musical Theatre training for Middle and High School performers. NEW! Triple-Threat training for ADULTS! College entrance prep for Musical Theatre auditions.

Company Bio TRIPLE THREAT!! Bridgetown is about SKILLS. TRAINING. FINDING OUT WHO YOU ARE. It is a process-oriented, skill-driven class based on a master-class format. Professional training in the skills you need: DANCE, ACTING & MUSIC/VOICE. We help you discover who you are - that person who is walking into an audition, or onto a stage. We help you become the most brilliant version of YOU that you can be. It's not easy. It's not "feel good." It's not about being the lead in the play. It's about trusting your talent, your storytelling, your individualism and learning to share that power with an audience.

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Offerings: Live Performances, Space for Rent, Workshops or Classes, Private Coaching, Open Auditions/Casting Calls, Outreach & Education


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Company Address 6635 N Baltimore Ave Ste 285

Company City PORTLAND

Phone 9712196452


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