Company Bio xperience Theatre Project is an innovative, immersive theater company based in beautiful Beaverton, Oregon. We strive to create imaginative stories told in an innovative style. Our goal is to give you an experience, and a story that takes place all around you, not unlike a haunted house or a Disney experience. ​ Our experiences take place in unconventional spaces, such as a storefront, lodge, or winery. We pride ourselves in bringing together small groups of audiences to experience our shows, from Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap to original adaptations of Oscar Wilde and F. Scott Fitzgerald. We are extremely proud of the productions we have under our belts, and the amazing talent of the designers, performers, and crew who worked so hard to make such amazing art. Explore our art at www.experiencetheatreproject.org

EDI Statement Experience Theatre Project is working to foster a culture of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) within our theater. We will actively work towards valuing and respecting all people, their identities and their histories. We denounce harm against any individual based on their identity, including race, particularly in the form of anti-Blackness or anti-Asian; religion, whether anti-Semitic or Islamophobic; nationality in the form of xenophobia; gender, specifically transphobia and misogyny; age; class; sexual orientation in the form of homophobia; immigration status or ability. We want to re-empower those who have had their power diminished for the privilege of others. Our commitment to IDEA work will be ongoing, imperfect and with the intention of correcting and learning from missteps when they cause social or cultural harm. It will require examining our own imperfections and opening channels when it is time for us to listen. While Experience Theatre Project has worked to uplift marginalized voices in our art, we are committed to doing more. We are committed to the immediate and long-term work necessary to dismantle systems of oppression. Experience Theatre Project recognizes that we have a responsibility to be introspective and take ownership of how our actions affect various communities.

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Offerings: Live Performances, Workshops or Classes, Open Auditions/Casting Calls


Do you accept play submissions? No

Email Play Submissions To: info@experiencetp.org

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Company Address Mailing Address: 6107 SW Murray Blvd #320

Company City Beaverton

Phone 503-568-1765

Email info@experiencetp.org

Company Website http://www.experiencetheatreproject.org

Company Video https://youtu.be/ftuFlolkYTo

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