Event Series Mary Jane by Amy Herzog

Mary Jane by Amy Herzog

CoHo Theatre 2257 NW Raleigh St., Portland

As Mary Jane navigates the mundane, the shattering, and the sublime realities of caring for Alex, her chronically ill young son, she finds herself building a community of women from […]

$25 – $45

The Pursuit of Happiness (or the Wacky Lesbian Adventures of Brillo Pad and Hula Hoop)

Reed College - Performing Arts Building - Black Box Theatre Performing Arts, 3017 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland

Get ready for another zany ride as Fuse brings you the most recent mad-cap musical from the brain of Ernie Lijoi. The alarm has sounded: a nuclear bomb is headed […]

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Event Series “Jitters: A Comedy”

“Jitters: A Comedy”

The Nutz-N-Boltz Theater Company 27861 Grange St., Boring

“Jitters”, David French’s backstage comedy, opens on the night of a preview of a new play, “The Care and Treatment of Roses”. Within minutes, the audience is plunged into the […]

$10 – $15